Patent application Attorney fees are from 200,000JPY depending on contents, volumes, and so on. Official filing fee is 15,000JPY.
Examination fees Offical examination fees are from about 180,000JPY depending on the number of claims.
Preparation of response The attorney fees are from 50,000JPY.
Registration fees
(allowed and registered)
The official fees are from about 10,000JPY depending on the number of the claims.

Trademark It is possible to set a special price list depending on the volume.
The official fees are to be paid in advance.
The official fees are 3,400 plus 8,600 times the number of classes. Please see the following examples.
*** One class: 12,000JPY
*** Two classes: 20,600JPY
*** Three classes: 29,200JPY
*** TFour classes: 37,800JPY
The trademark registration application is subject to examination on the merit and may be rejected.